November 13, 2014

About Me...

I feel that when I post on this blog, it's always about a trend or the holidays or my favorite things.  I look at this blog as a virtual journal, so if this is a journal, wouldn't it be appropriate if I share a few things about me?

Well, this is what I'm going to do today....

First, my name is Gabriella but I go by Gabby, I'm 16 years old, and a junior in high school.  I reside about 30 minutes north of Pittsburgh and moved here from New Jersey when I started Kindergarten.

I grew up traveling with my parents because my dad has had meetings in places like New York, New Orleans, San Diego, LA, San Francisco, Arizona, Washington DC, and Chicago you can say I have travelled a lot.  Adding to those travels my parents and I went to Europe for the first time this past June and we travel to Walt Disney World at least 2x a year (yes I am a Disney fanatic).

I knew I had a love for fashion when I decided to join the Nordstrom BP Fashion Board my sophomore year of high school.  Being in that group made me decide that in the future, I want to pursue a career as a stylist or buyer for a fashion company.

My dream would be to attend any of the fashion weeks...ANYWHERE.

Also, I would love to travel to Paris, London, Greece, and maybe Japan or China.

I have a Cock-A-Poo named Jasmine (yes I named her after the princess) and she is going to be 10 in May.

So, i hope you learned a little more about me in this post.

Have a Good Day