September 12, 2016

Body Image

Growing up, all around us, we saw magazines with covers that read "Get that Perfect Beach Body" you know what I mean, the constant pressures to be skinny or to look a certain way.

Personally, I always considered myself "chubby."  I never was in the best shape and even thought I ate healthy at home. when I went out with friends, all bets were off.  

My senior year of high school, I joined Weight Watchers.  I am not going to lie and say that I just wanted to learn how to eat better, I wanted to lose weight. 

I started out being 4'8" and weighing in around 133 lbs. As a frame of reference, my healthy weight range is between is between 91-114 pounds.  I was pretty unhealthy, spending my after schools going to the gym, walking the track, then getting a venti frappuccino and who knows what from Starbucks (which completely defeats the purpose of working out).

When I joined Weight Watchers, that wasn't the end.  I, as they say, fell off of the wagon a few times.  Then I really wanted to get myself together and learn how to eat properly before I left for college.  I followed the Weight Watchers program to a T and exercised every day.  

Now, you can probably predict how this post is going to end, right?  "I lost ___ pounds and I feel so much better about myself."  

NO.  I am still perfecting and I am still learning.  I have ways to go before I get to what I believe is my goal weight, but I can say, in a positive manner, I am beginning to feel somewhat happier in my body again.  

Slowly, but surely, I am getting results and am excited to see what the end result looks like.  

My message in this post and in my experiences is, only you have control of how you want to live your life and your image of yourself and your body.  

If you embrace your curves, you go girl.     If you love your arms, you go girl.  IF YOU LOVE ANYTHING ABOUT YOURSELF, YOU GO GIRL.

On the other hand, if you want to, say lose a few pounds and live a happier and more fulfilled life, you have the power to do that.  DO THIS FOR YOURSELF.  Don't do this for anyone else.  If you're not in it then it won't work.  

LOVE YOURSELF.  I know it's cheesy, and I am singing the words to the Justin Bieber song in my head, but it is so true.  

If I could change just one persons perception of their body's then I would be more than happy.  

I wanted to share my story to show that if you are struggling, you are not alone.  As well, you have the power to change your life for the better.  



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