September 5, 2016

I've Changed......

Why do I have this blog?  I asked myself this question when I decided to end my one year hiatus from it.

This blog was not started for fashion.  If you have followed me from the beginning you know that my first blog post was from 16 year old me, telling her story of how she was refused from getting driving lessons because of my height.  

Fast forward to all of my consecutive posts after that mainly centered around fashion and my favorite bloggers, and YouTuber's.  

I had to ask myself what I wanted my vision to be for the future of this blog.  I want something bigger and better to come out of my place on this earth than to share my favorite shoes.  I want to have a bigger impact than that.  

Yes, believe me, I do love  posts about the next big beauty product and so on.  But, my vision for this blog is to inspire and relate.  

I want to inspire people to be their best selves and relate to them.  

From now on, I will be posting things that if I were to have a big sister I would want them to tell me.  

I'm ready for this...


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