September 19, 2016

The Real Deal On Applying To Colleges

Rewind a year ago.....

I was just beginning my senior year of high school and with that comes that scary 7 letter word COLLEGE.

That past summer, I visited lots of colleges and sat during those admissions presentations scarily looking at that average GPA and SAT score that they post.

I like to say that I was a "late bloomer" when it turned to school.

My freshman and sophomore years academically and otherwise I was a hot mess.

Academically, I really didn't get my act together until my junior year of high school, better late than never right? Then SAT's came around and I took classes and when the results came back, I was disappointed.

I have to say, I felt like a failure and would compare myself to many of my peers.

So, when I went to these admissions presentations and see these scores, my heart sank.  I thought to myself, wow, I am never going to get into any of these schools.

Then, I fell in love with one school, I interviewed, applied early decision, and got rejected.  I cried for three days, completely unsure of where I was going to end up.

After I got over the fact that I wasn't going to be attending my number one.  I felt like I was back to square one on my college search.

I continued to do well my senior year of high school, and went to visit one more school that I applied to last minute, and also found out that I got into the day I was rejected from my number one.

So, here's the truth about college admissions.  You may have that number one school in your head, but you are truly meant to go to school where you are supposed to go.  College is what you make of it no matter where you get in.  Also, you should never be afraid to apply to a school because of their statistics, colleges aren't looking for simply a good score or a good GPA.  They are looking for a well-rounded person.  Go out, explore your passion and keep up with it, write your college essay on it.  That's what they want to see.  Not that you joined clubs for the sake of the application, but that you did things with it.

I could go on and on, but those are basically my major statements about college admissions.

If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them in the comments or through my social media.