December 21, 2014

Last Minute Gift Guide

Has time ever caught up to you and you thought to yourself "Christmas is in 4 days and I am not done shopping?"  Well, here I am to help you today with 5 gift ideas that you can get at the absolute last minute. 

1) Gift Cards
    Who doesn't like gift cards from Starbucks to the person your buying favorite's store its the easiest way to give to someone who maybe you don't know what in particular what their favorite piece of clothing or accessory is. 

2)  That one book that everyone is talking about
     Being in high school there is always that one book that everyone is talking about right now it's "The Fault in Our Stars" that seems like everyone has read but if the person you're buying for hasn't read it buy it for them so they can join in the fandom. 

3) Netflix Subscription
    All I have to say is who doesn't love being able to have all seasons of Gossip Girl accessible to them? 

4)  Electronic Gift Cards
     If you're extremely last minute I mean like Christmas Eve late a lot of stores offer electronic gift cards which are a life saver to the procrastinator shopper.

5)  Headphones
    My personal favorite but everyone cannot live without their headphones especially for runs, exercise or school (my personal use).  They are absolutely a lifesaver.