July 29, 2015

Fit Bit

Ever since I made that promise to myself to get healthier this summer I have wanted a FitBit to track my steps, miles, calories burned and a whole lot more.  Last weekend, my parents and I made a trip to BestBuy to look at at TV to put in my parents bedroom and walked out with two FitBits.  My mom and I both bought one I got the Flex and she got the Charge HR since she does more fitness classes which she wants to track her heart rate but I opted for a simpler one.

I go to my local community center track and walk an hour almost every day unless my mom and I take our dog for a walk around our neighborhood.  I originally thought I just wanted this for exercising but I found myself wearing it all day long to see how many steps I do in a day.  

I absolutely love the FitBit I can track so many things and it is worth the investment.  

Here are a few photos of my FitBit and how incorporate it into my daily arm candy which now consists of my watch and FitBit and a few Wish List items so to say to make my Fit Bit look prettier than it already is.