July 23, 2014

My Emotional Break Down Yesterday

Being only 4'8"and the fact that I do need pedal extensions and a seat cushion for my car shouldn't be such a big deal to get driving lessons right?  Well, ask my local driving schools.  Yesterday, I had an emotional break down because of the fact that after calling 3 driving schools, none of them responded with a simple yes we have pedal extensions and all I would need to do is come in and get them adjusted to my height, none had pedal extenders at all.  This isn't a matter of not having a part to a car, it's a matter of fact that there are plenty of people out there under 5 feet, in fact, my pedal extenders go from 2 feet to 5ft 3 in so you think that all driving schools would provide them.  I personally found it very upsetting because if I am able to drive my own car what could possibly be the difference of getting driving lessons, obviously it seems to be a lot.  I do not think its fair that just because I am short statured that I cannot be provided with something that every teenager does which is get driving lessons.  Being short isn't a limitation, yes I may need extra help with my gas and brake pedal and a seat cushion, but that should not make much of a difference.