August 4, 2014

College Visits: Outfit Inspirations

I am going on my first two college visits this week, and due to that I thought it would be appropriate to show you the kinds of outfits I think are good to wear on tours.
This first outfit is from Pretty-And-Preppy, and is probably representative of something similar that I am going to wear.  I love that it's really simple, but has really cool accessories that if you had the colors of the school you're visiting to put on, but in a chic way.
This second outfit is super cute.  I love the pop of color shoes and the blouse and jeans.  It makes you look really dressy, but still being really comfortable with the flats to be able to walk around campus. 
This last outfit is brought to you by the ever so fabulous College Prepster, and is perfect for the summer tours, and the mix of chambray and a hot pink chino is perfect.  This outfit is casual but still is appropriate for college tours. 
Have a Good Day!