August 8, 2014

My Favorite Bloggers!!!

So, why I decided to make a blog, simply because I was inspired by other blogs out there.  So, here are my favorite bloggers.
My first favorite blogger is Hunter from Prep On A Budget.  Ok, first everything she posts on her blog I want to buy, and I think why can't I have that.  But, she is honestly so cute and her style is so on point and I also love her organizational tips.
My next favorite blogger is Caitlin from Southern Curls & Pearls.  My goal is to dress like her when I grow up (LOL).  Every post I see from her is just amazing, and whoever photographs for her is amazing and I'm always envious of her gorgeous backgrounds.  
My next favorite blogger is Rachel, from A Preppy State of Mind.  Ok, this is going to sound really weird, but I freaking love when she posts things about her agenda or notebooks which she has a lot of because she always have the cutest office supplies which makes me actually want to buy school supplies.
My next favorite is Gracey from Stripes & Peonies.  Well, I first knew I was going to be a fan of her blog when I read her about me and saw she's a latte addict like myself.  Anyways, since she recently travelled to Europe I have been enjoying her pictures from there and her style is so cute and unique and I will continue to follow her. 
My next favorite is no surprise since I've featured her in a blog before it's Carly from The College Prepster.  Not only is her style fabulous, but I also love the fact that she touches on every single topic possible like school, life, travel, and organization and is a great role model for young girls out there. 
My next pick is Sloane from Sailing the Sea of Style.  I love her blog because her style is a little out of my comfort zone, but she pairs things together so well and makes it so wearable.  I also love all the scenery that she photographs with.
My next favorite blogger is Caroline from Citrus & Style.  Ok, this is gonna sound weir but my favorite thing about her is her Pinterest. Her Pinterest is AMAZING and perfect in so many ways.  Her blog is super cute and again, I like that she doesn't just focus on fashion but focuses on everything like lifestyle and organization tips.
My next favorite blogger is Bess from Belles in Bows.  I love her almost vintage vibe to her photos and if only I had her talent to put together outfits as good as she does then I would be set for life.  I also recently loved her most recent post about the apartment on Pinterest and now I want to just move in to that apartment pronto.
Last but not least we have Katelyn from A Sprinkle of Kate.  I love her blog, because she has so much variety in what she does and you'll never know what kind of post she is going to do.  Her style is literally perfect and I wish I could raid her closet and take all of her adorable clothes haha.