October 3, 2016

Being your own Girl Boss

I love Girl Power.  There is nothing more inspiring to me, then seeing a powerful, successful woman.  

Women like Sheryl Sandberg and Sophia Amaruso are both women who I most definitely admire.  Women who overcome obstacles to become the successful women that they are. 

So, at this point, you may be asking this question, how do I become that girl boss?

Do you have a passion?  Do you have a hobby that you can't see yourself ever giving up? 

Congratulations!!!! You have everything you need to become a girl boss.  

How do I get there? You keep on doing what you love.  You do it and you do a good job at it.  

The rewards will come with that.  Yes, you will need to work hard.  Yes, you may endure failure.  You have to keep trekking on.  Don't give up.  

Being a Girl Boss is all about you.  Yes, again, you have the power to create your destiny.  

As that famous Dr. Seuss phrase goes, "Whatever you are, be a good one."  That quote goes for miles and miles.  It is a universal saying for everyone.

Being a girl boss isn't given, its earned.  You have the power to be a girl boss.

Go out and look for it.