July 29, 2014

Junior Year School Supplies!!!

When it comes to school supplies, when you have fun and fashionable things, it makes you much happier then having boring supplies. So far for this year I have brought a few items already and there are going to be much more the come.

 The first thing I purchased was this Vera Bradley Medium Cosmetic in African Violet.  African Violet is a new print that was just released this past year, and I absolutely LOVE it.  I am going to use this as a pencil case and I wanted to make sure that my calculator fits in there and it sure does, so I am really happy with this purchase. 

In African Violet as well, I bought the Lunch Bunch lunch bag.  They also have a square version (like a typical lunch box) but I preferred this one, it's small but is roomy to fit a lot.  
The last thing I got was this planner, also in the African Violet print.  These are EXTREMELY comparable to the Lilly Pulitzer agenda, but less expensive and sturdier.  I know this may not be important to some people, but the notebook binding on the side continues all the way around which means that it won't unbind and fall apart.

Now, for backpacks, I am planning on getting a North Face Borealis backpack.  If you have it and like it please let me know. Thanks!